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Grill Brush 3X

$ 15.95
  • 3X MORE EFFECTIVE; remove up to 3x the amount of dirt with each stroke. 3 brushes are certainly better than one, it's that simple. However tough the grime is, this 3-in-1 grill brush cleans it 3x faster than an ordinary brush would.
  • TRIPLE THE STRENGTH; the combination of multiple brushes make a denser and stronger cluster of bristles. That means each stroke of the brush has 3x the cleaning power; making you achieve a clean grill faster and with much less effort.
  • WIDER CLEANING RANGE; skilfully designed and built for faster all round cleaning. The grill brush cleans a wider range, with bristles that are perfectly laid out to reach even those hard-to-reach parts of the grill.
  • RECOMMENDED FOR ALL GRILLS; the Barbecue cleaning brush is safe to use on all grill types. Weber, Porcelain, Infrared, Char-broil and many others grill types recommend it for maintaining a shiny clean grill without scratching the surfaces.
  • 3X MORE DURABLE; 3x more stainless steel bristles hardwired into a triple-woven steel frame that's attached to a long sturdy heatproof handle; with solid construction that beats any other brush on durability. Backed by a 90-Day Money Back Guarantee! Click the Orange button to Order Now

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